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Dynamic Stuttering Therapy is usually given individually in an intensive framework. Although the schedule is flexible to some extent, we believe that it is important for clients to make progress early in the therapy process. Therefore, we recommend that whenever possible, older children and adults undergo a course of treatment that includes 20-30 hours of individual therapy. These hours are divided into 2-3-hour sessions that are held at least twice a week. Sessions for young children are usually shorter and are tailored to the needs and abilities of the child. In all cases the treatment schedule is designed to meet the successful achievement of the therapy goals

Pre-treatment Evaluations

All potential clients are evaluated at our clinic prior to commencing treatment. Exceptions are made if we receive an evaluation or treatment report written by a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist, or in special cases where it is clear that the potential client would benefit from this treatment approach. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the suitability for treatment, the special needs of the person, and to develop a personalized schedule that will best meet the client’s needs.


Criteria for treatment at CTI

At CTI we treat people of all ages regardless of the degree of disfluency. Our youngest client to date was 3 years old and we have also treated senior citizens. The criteria for acceptance into our program are as follows:


Pre-school children

  • The child often generates speech differently than the way it is generated by normally fluent speakers. (This is ascertained during the initial evaluation.)
  •  The child has exhibited disfluent speech for at least 6 months or appears frustrated by his difficulty when speaking.
  •   Parents are anxious and need guidance in how to cope with the child’s apparent disfluent speech.  (Direct intervention with child may not be recommended.)


Older children and adults


  • The individual at least sometimes generates speech differently than the way it is generated by normally fluent speakers. (This is ascertained during the initial evaluation).
  • The individual has begun to explore the need to change his or her approach to speaking.
  • The individual is prepared to take an active role in the therapy process


Israel:   In Israel approximately 50% of the intensive therapy fee is reimbursed to clients by the various Health funds as specified in the National Health Law. The fees for individual session are not usually covered by the Health Funds. For more information we suggest that you contact your Health Fund directly.  

 USA:  Some health insurance companies may reimburse for treatment according to your plan’s coverage. Check your Benefits Booklet to see if speech therapy is covered. More information regarding funding can be found at Guide for Obtaining Reimbursement for Stuttering Treatment. Fees for speech therapy may be tax deductible.



For current fees please contact us at:
Israel:   03-9025283

USA:   201-378-0089







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