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The CTI Staff



Barbara Dahm - Director




Barbara Dahm SLP-CCC; BRS-FD is the director of Communication Therapy Institute. She received her degrees from Boston University and has 40 years of experience as a speech pathologist. Her extensive experience working with children and adults who stutter in both group and individual settings has enabled her to gain a deep understanding of all the issues related to stuttering. In 1993, Barbara presented the speech processing approach for the treatment of stuttering that she discovered during the course of her work. This approach was published in 1997 as Dynamic Stuttering Therapy: A Comprehensive speech processing approach. This treatment program was further refined and in 2007 the Dynamic Stuttering Therapy workbook was published.


Barbara is a certified member of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and licensed by the State of New Jersey and Israel. She is a member of the ASHA Special Interest Division in fluency disorders, a member of Israel Association of Communications Clinicians and a founding member of the International Fluency Association. She is active in several self-help groups of people who stutter both in Israel and the USA. She has presented her approach to professionals and people who stutter in The Netherlands, England, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Israel and the USA.


 Irit Englander BSc. – Clinician


Irit Englender received her bachlor’s degree in speech pathology from Tel Aviv University in 1987. She has worked in various educational settings and councils parents of children with special needs. Irit has also had experience treating people in holistic massage, one brain,and  neurodevelopmental performances.  She evaluates and treats high risk children from deprived socio-economic circumstances and has been intensively involved in the treatment of stuttering for the past 4 years.
Irit relates: "Four years ago I began working at CTI. I will never forget the first client that I met. When she attempted to speak she struggled and blocked so much that I myself felt as if I was choking. At that moment I understood that to help her was to save her life. Within several therapy sessions it was not possible to recognized the same person. What was once a depressed individual lacking in self confidence and hope, there now stood before me a young woman full of life imbued with confidence and belief in herself holding forth an almost totally normal conversation. Since then I have witnessed this wonder many times over, but I still get overwhelmed with emotion


Roger Damm MA. – Administrative Director 


Roger Damm is the pillar that supports all that goes on at CTI. From overseeing schedules, to being a liaison to the Health Funds and making sure that our clients needs are met, Roger uses his vast experience as a business manager and mentor. Since 2000, Roger has become so immersed in all aspects of the treatment program at CTI that he is sought out by many clients for his advice and guidance.  In the past he worked for International Companies including Levi Strauss and Helena Rubenstein. However, according to Roger, seeing people opening up and becoming fluent speakers is immeasurably rewarding.


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