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Professional training




Dynamic Stuttering Therapy approaches stuttering from a new perspective. The targets for change are wide ranging and include neuro-physiological processes, as well as developing attitudes, beliefs, experience, emotions, habits, and an overall mindset of a person who speaks with ease and confidence. The Dynamic Stuttering Therapy seminar is designed to assist Speech and Language Pathologists to most effectively administer this clear, logical and clinically proven successful approach for treating people who stutter. Seminar participants will gain an understanding of how people who stutter interfere with their ability to generate fluent speech and will be shown the goals that will enable their clients to develop the same automatic processes that are used by non-stuttering speakers. The specific activities that guide clients of all ages to reach these goals will be described along with all of the necessary changes in behavior, attitude and coping strategies that will make stuttering therapy an exciting and rewarding experience for clinicians and clients alike.


Seminar Outline


4      Short review of the normal processes of speech production

4      Description and practice of activities that enhance the automatic development of internal speech

4      Description and practice of activities that enable the production of a voice that supports fluent speech

4      Description and practice of activities that result in the execution of speech as a progression of syllables

4      Description and practice of activities that combine all the elements of speech production with parallel processing

4      Description of activities that support long-term change

4      Opportunity to explore solutions to the problems of treating stuttering   


One to 3 day seminars may be arranged for groups of 15 or more people. The length of the seminar will determine the depth of detail discussed and the amount of hands on practice the participants will have.


Personal training


Personal training is available to aid the clinician to use this workbook effectively and to guide the clinician to design activities for young children that will lead to normal sounding fluent speech.


Through this training the clinician will achieve the following objectives:

4      Develop an understanding of the how the speech generating system of people who stutter needs to change

4      Identify therapy goals that are essential to the process of changing how speech is produced

4      Learn to identify internal processes used in generating both stuttered and fluent speech

4      Learn how to effectively guide clients of all ages to carry out activities that lead to a successful therapy experience

4      Learn to identify the measurable criteria for achieving goals

4      Develop skill in troubleshooting some of the problems that interfere with the client’s ability to change the way they generate speech


Personalized training may be given to individuals or small groups. The number of hours will depend on the number of participants in the training program. One on one programs consist of approximately 6 hours of training. In addition, supervision of actual sessions with the participant’s clients may be arranged. Programs can be arranged to meet the specific needs of the clinician.




 Ms. Barbara Dahm presented a workshop to our speech therapists on November 12, 2006.  The title of the seminar was “Dynamic Stuttering Therapy: A Dynamic Stuttering Therapy”.  This 6-hour presentation was very well received by all those who attended.  The participants found that the material was presented in a very professional and organized manner.  New techniques were introduced and case studies were reviewed and discussed. The speech therapists went away with hands-on material that they could incorporate into their therapy sessions.




Workshop participant, Nijmegen, Holland


“The workshop puts a new perspective on the treatment of stuttering. It demonstrates a total approach to therapy and provides practical and useful advise for clinical practice.”



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