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Statistical Studies

An effective therapy for the treatment of stuttering must show evidence that the clients’ subjective and objective ability to speak has improved. The following are statistical descriptions of results of therapy of clients who underwent a speech processing approach for the treatment of stuttering.


Study #1


This study was based on the speech samples of 80 consecutive clients who received speech processing therapy in 2005. Clients were videotaped at the beginning of treatment and after approximately 30 hours of treatment.  


a.  Individual % of disfluency for each client




 b.   Rate of speech in syllables per minute






c.      Mean % of disfluency and rate of speech for 80 clients.















Study #2


In a recent survey, 30 clients rated the degree of satisfaction with their speech. Criteria for satisfaction included feeling comfortable and confident when speaking and included self-judgments of speech fluency in various situations. On the graphs below speech satisfaction is measured on a scale of 1—7.


The lower the number the greater the satisfaction.






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