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My youngest son, age 15, has had a speech problem for over 10 years. He learned to cope by developing ways of being with people but at the same time not participating. His "winning" endearing smile was his substitute for speech. While he may have been smiling on the outside, he was crying on the inside. So much of what he wanted to say and was capable of saying was closed inside him.

We enrolled our son in a recommended speech therapy program at a nationally recognized hospital with little success. Thus, when we registered him for the Dynamic Stuttering Therapy program run by Barbara Dahm, we had very modest expectations. The results, however, were dramatic and "life-changing". The therapy process developed by Mrs. Dahm works. There are lapses, and there is a need to practice. Motivation is required to use the new way of speaking. This is not magic - but it works; it worked not only for our son, but also for all his co-participants.

It is important to add that the therapy was never perceived or felt as a burden by the participants. They enjoyed it and eagerly looked forward to each session. Anyone who has a personal problem with disfluency, or a child, friend or acquaintance with this difficulty, should definitely consider joining one of Mrs. Dahm's groups.


Dr. Avraham Schwartzbaum
Academic Coordinator and Registrar
Neve Yerushalayim Institutions
Jerusalem, Israel


I am so happy that I had the chance to do this program. It is the most logical therapy I've ever seen! I feel that it is "cause and effect", because I know that if a person who stutters develops speech correctly, fluency will follow as a natural result. After having taken part in this program, I know that it is not an inconsistent type of therapy. It's not a question of try this or that and maybe it will help you. It teaches something specific that can work for any person who stutters under any situation.

Shawn Morrison, 22 years old
Texas, USA

Until now, I have been to many different therapies and none of them really helped. My speech got worse from day to day. When I arrived at CTI I discovered the principles of speech production. The therapy actually doesn't deal with how to produce fluent speech. Rather it deals with how to produce speech like everybody else. After only a short time I began to see results and after only a few days, people did not recognize me because my speech was fluent. Dynamic Stuttering Therapy is an easy and pleasant therapy, but it requires hard work. It's not a magic cure. It requires a lot of practice but every small practice is important in order to succeed. I think that everyone who will put in effort and practice will reach the same results that I did.


Yoni Herling, 15 years old
Jerusalem, Israel

My name is Ofir Levi. I did Dynamic Stuttering Therapy about three years ago. This course changed my life from end to end. Before the course, I was closed and very shy. Now people ask me if I ever stop speaking. Your program did so much for my life. I enjoy every minute and I'm sure that your course played a big part in that.


Ofir Levi, 20 years old
Rishon Leziyon, Israel

Before I underwent Dynamic Stuttering Therapy, I felt inferior to other people. As therapy progressed, I acquired self-confidence and self-consciousness. Now I don't even think about words as I speak. Speaking has become fun. The therapy provided me with all the necessary tools to produce correct, fluent speech.

Elad, 18 years old
Haifa, Israel


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